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Our Programs: EMPOWER

Slow down. 

Close your eyes. 

Breathe deeply.  

Experience the sensation of time standing still. 

Rise and connect with the light of the sun.

Stretch your body as the waves crash against your feet. 

Indulge in locally-sourced breakfasts and lunches. 

Unwind in a hammock for siesta. 

Splash in the waves of the turquoise sea.  

Soak up stunning sunsets. 

Enjoy a delectable dinner in the company of good vibes.

Fall asleep to the sound of the ocean or talk into the late hours under the starry skies. 


Repeat five times. 

Bel Esprit's Sol Goddess Retreat is a powerful mid-year program

that invites women from all walks of life to destinations in Latin America and the

Caribbean for the opportunity to reflect, recharge and emerge renewed.

We will host our second annual vegan-friendly

Sol Goddess Wellness Retreat from June 20 - June 24, 2019 in Belize.

Each woman will have daily sessions of yoga/meditation, and workshops that focus

on everything from spiritual nutrition and herbal medicine, to restorative justice

and the art of mindfulness. All proceeds from the Retreat goes to Bel Esprit programming.

You will be beautifully supported in a sacred space, and encouraged fully

as the free-flowing, light-filled, creative Goddess that you already are.

Lush plants and trees, succulent fruit and vegetables, and effervescent waters await you.


Space is limited. Book yours today!

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